Uncorking rural heritage: indigenous production of fermented beverages for local cultural and environmental sustainability

Project facts

Lead project partner:
University of Nova Gorica(SI)
Project Number:
In implementation
Initial project cost:
Beneficiary partners:
Municipality of Ajdovšcina(SI)
Public institution Local Development Agency Požega (LO-RA)(HR)
Expertise partners:
Hardanger Cider Association(NO)
Hardanger Council(NO)
NIBIO Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research(NO)
Nofima AS(NO)

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The project addresses the problems of rural depopulation, brain drain and underdeveloped local economies faced by rural regions in Central and Eastern Europe. Norway is one of the most developed countries in Europe, however, its rural areas face a similar out-migration problem as the districts of the partners countries Slovenia, Croatia and North Macedonia. On the other hand, in Western Europe high quality agricultural products (such as wine) with a strong regional identity have contributed to sustainable rural development, preserving traditions and preventing out-migration or company relocations. This regionality was based on the concept of typicality and terroir.

Through this project we aim to help to the development of rural areas by improving common research capacity and knowledge dissemination applied to the “terroir” approach for wine and cider production in Balkan and Norway. It will strengthen local and transnational partnerships, shape territorial identity and awareness, and outline the guidelines for legislation formation in the field of traditional agricultural food products with targeted beneficiaries including producers, farmers, researchers, advisors, students, regional authorities and policy makers.

Transnational cooperation will enable unique and essential multidisciplinary exchange of experience, conjunction of existing infrastructure, transfer of promising practices and common activities for this multilevel challenge. The success of this project will be assured with the excellent international team of different experts and institutions in the field of enology, viticulture, fruit growing, fruit processing, sensory evaluation of wine and other agricultural products, wine producers, higher education and vocational training institutions, extension services and landscape/cultural heritage architectures specialists.

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