Innovative vocational education and training in Eastern Wielkopolska in the context of energy transition

Project facts

Project promoter:
Łukasiewicz Research Network – The Institute for Sustainable Technologies(PL)
Project Number:
In implementation
Initial project cost:
Donor Project Partners:
FURIM Institutt(NO)
Other Project Partners
The Center for Craft Support
Dual and Vocational Training in Konin(PL)

More information


The project is implemented by 3EU organisations working in the field of adult and VET educa.:Łukasiewicz Research Network-Institute for Sustainable Technology,PL(leader),The Center for Craft Support,Dual and Vocational Training  in Konin,PL and FURIM Institute,Oslo, NO.
Main objective is to prepare the local government units (JST),as the managing bodies of VET educat.institutions and other stakeholders,to take up the challenge of changing the structure of the economy as a result of the energy transformation in the East.Wielk.region.  
The project beneficiaries’ll be entrepreneurs and institutions in the field of educ.and economy interested in the develop.and implement.of the strategy(over 210 participants).Directly&indirectly the inhabitants of the region,who’ll benefit from the effects of the project during the process of planning and realisation of educat.and vocat.paths.
Needs diagnosis’ll be carried out with the participation of employers and VET institut.due to the necessity of introd.innovative of employers'' needs and the necessity of modification of the VET educat.offer in the project counties’ll take place through a developed research tool(questionnaire and in-depth interviews).
VET Strategy identify innovative directions of with the participation of employers,during social consultations.It allows to better preparation for the challenges related to the change in the economic structure of the region,new needs in terms of preparing future employees and the need to adjust the directions and quality of educat.
Instruments of the field of continuing education and VET training with NO and PL will be presented as good practices of cooper.between schools and employers.
The innovativeness of the project is the development of complementary strategy for the area established by the EU as a region for energy transfor.and as well as none of the leading authority in Eastern Wielk.possess it.

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