THE FUTURE OF LEARNING - changing perspective in digital education for VET trainers

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Globalnet sp. z o.o.(PL)
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Diversity in the workplace(NO)

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THE GOAL OF THE PROJECT is to equip VET teachers and trainers in partnership countries and partners’ staff with tools and knowledge on how to design and deliver educational content to all learners group, how to create an accessible distance and digital learning  using inclusive design for learning, universal design, special methodology, elearning  and diversity.
The goal is to give VET teachers and trainers knowledge needed to overcome barriers to learning that people with disabilities may encounter in online education. This project want to create a learning community of people who will share their knowledge as it develops in the area of inclusive education.
Partners made a research in their countries, the majority reported a lack of startegies connected with digital learning, inclusive online and remote learning, they feel frustrated by the fact that they are not supported in the digital education.
The following activities and outputs will be developed within the project and 9 people from partners organizations ill be involved in the development of the project resultsWithin the first phase Globalnet sp. zo.o. will conduct a comprehensive analysis  in terms of strengths and weaknesses in the implementation of distance learning. Then partners will develop guidelines to facilitate online learning for VET teachers and trainers, INCLUSIVE DESIGN FOR LEARNING and UNIVERSAL DESIGN, E-LEARNING FOR DIGITAL LEARNING AND DISTANCE LEARNING, testing of the developed training and dissemination events. The impacts on VET TEACHERS AND TRAINERS; will gain more confidence through bringing the digital and distance methodology and inclusive learning into practice: knowledge on universal design,  a new way of approaching (meet) learners needs by uniwersal design for education.


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