Kłodzki NBS (Nature Base Solution)

Project facts

Project promoter:
Commune Kłodzko(PL)
Project Number:
In implementation
Initial project cost:
Donor Project Partners:
International Development Norway IDN(NO)


The project goal agreed by both Parties is to prepare the city of Kłodzko and its inhabitants for changing climate conditions by mitigating climate change and adapting to their effects.  

To accomplish the goal following activities will be taken by the Project Promoter – the municipality of Kłodzko: 


  • Revitalization of park and green areas in the city of Kłodzko, the establishment of municipal vegetable gardens 


  • Blue infrastructure and rainwater management actions 


  • Introduction of an electric bike system, 


  • Introduction of air pollution measurements in Kłodzko educational institutions together with an air purifier system, 


  • Construction of electric car charging stations. 


  • Creating Kłodzki Climate Lab and organizing as part of its workshops for different target groups: 


  • Training city experts and municipal activists to conduct Climate Lab. 


  • Organization of city picnics: green and blue Kłodzko - activation of the local community, 


  • neighboring aid, ecological education. 


  • Developing a catalog of investment rules for new investments in the field of counteracting 


  • climate change, e.g. restoring retention capacity of impervious surfaces, creating water, retention infrastructure. 


  • Organization of conferences on green and blue infrastructure in cities. 


  • Running a support point for residents in the field of prosumer energy - presenting national support programs and EU funds, and assistance in obtaining them. 


  • Promotion in social media, local TV, nationwide breakfast television. 


  • Preparation and printing of a catalog of good practices, including developed solutions for the city of Kłodzko. 


  • Creating a discussion panel for representatives of local governments of the Kłodzko region. 

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