2D MXenes based anode materials for all-solid-state Li-ion batteries

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Project promoter:
The ŁUKASIEWICZ Research Network - Polish Center for Technology Development PORT(PL)
Project Number:
PL-Basic Research-0026
In implementation
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Donor Project Partners:
University of Oslo(NO)

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The project will aim to a deeper understanding of 2D MXene materials commonly synthesized by top-down wet chemical approaches. This often results in residual surface terminal functional groups (OH, F, Cl, O) which are detrimental for the Li-ion adsorption and transport properties. Direct growth of 2D MXene with pristine surfaces by bottom-up synthesis, like chemical vapor deposition (CVD), can overcome this limitation. However, the growth mechanisms in these materials by CVD are not fully understood. Fundamental studies on initial growth stages with the assistance of in-situ (S)TEM and near in-situ XPS will be performed to gain a deeper understanding. When used as an anode material in ASSB, their metal-ion (de-)intercalation mechanisms are also not fully understood. Such fundamental knowledge is necessary for the development of MXenes based anode materials for ASSBs. T2D-SSB relies on interdisciplinary expertise within functional materials synthesis and the assessment of structureproperties relations. The PIs and senior researchers will secure a collaborative research environment to optimize and accelerate knowledge transfer. Competence, experimental facilities and best practices will be shared not only among senior researchers but also with young researchers in the research teams who will be involved as work package or task leaders. This will enable them to develop project management skills valuable for their future research career. Common internationally refereed publications, at least 7, in high-impact open access journals is expected to be the outcome of the jointly addressed research challenges. Popular publications will be prioritized to increase societal awareness of the scientific results. The 2D-SSB partners will also aim to future joint applications in Horizon Europe.

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