Photocatalytic and photoelectrochemical carbon dioxide reduction - PhotoRed

Project facts

Project promoter:
West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin(PL)
Project Number:
PL-Applied Research-0016
In implementation
Initial project cost:
Donor Project Partners:
University College of Southeast Norway(NO)


The PhotoRed project deals with an innovative solution for post-combustion CO2 capture and utilisation (CCU). The existing post-combustion carbon capture (PCCC) technologies are energy demanding and not enough environmentally viable. The capture of CO2 is a good idea, but there are more prospective CCU technologies, enabling to transform CO2 into useful products (fuels or other chemicals). They are still at the initial technology readiness level and their efficiency is low, but they are necessary to close the carbon cycle, to moderate climate change and to decrease the exploitation of fossil fuels.

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