Lublin Accessibility Leaders on START

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Forum of Lublin Non-Governmental Organisations(PL)
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In implementation
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Other Project Partners
Lubelskie Forum Organizacji Osób Niepełnosprawnych - Sejmik Wojewódzki(PL)


The project is a reaction to the need of working out and implementing, in the Lubelskie voivodeship, a model of cross-sector cooperation for the benefit of performance of the systemic solutions in the field of availability (digital, architectural, communicational and informational) with the participation of NGOs operating in favour of the people with special needs, including the disabled and seniors. This will let people with special needs use a varied offer of NGOs to the measure of their abilities and aspirations. To date, in Poland, there have been no extensive initiatives supporting institutional growth or activities of organisations in the field of implementing the availability rules. On the other hand, the existing systemic solutions relate exclusively to public administration. Such an approach does not take account of the nature of conditions for implementing availability by NGOs in regions. In this regard, Poland is obliged to apply international objectives related to the improvement of the situation of the disabled and seniors (UN Convention on the Rights of the Persons with Disabilities) and the rules of availability referred to in the Act on Providing Availability to People with Special Needs of 2019. As part of the project, we have planned, among others: establishing of a regional, cross-sector Lubelskie Partnership for Availability, analysing the perspectives of cooperation between NGO sector and the public sector for availability, mapping Lubelskie NGOs applying the availability standards, implementation of the educational programme titled: “Lubelscy Availability Leaders" and implementation of the social campaign on the Internet titled: “PRO-SOCIAL=AVAILABLE". A partner to the project is the Lubelskie Disabled Persons Organisation Forum - voivodeship council. The value added for the project is the continued cooperation of the project partners in the field of increasing the share of NGOs in implementing the availability rules.

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