Support for Barnahus implementation in Latvia

Project facts

Project promoter:
Latvian Ministry of Welfare(LV)
Project Number:
In implementation
Initial project cost:
Donor Project Partners:
Government Agency for Child Protection(IS)
Other Project Partners
Children''s Clinical University Hospital(LV)
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development(FR)
State Inspectorate for Protection of Children''s Rights(LV)

More information


The main aim of the project is to strengthen child-friendly justice by developing, testing and implementing a multisectoral and multi-disciplinary institution that is focused on child victims of violence/abuse. The project is aiming to develop, test and implement a multisectoral and multi-disciplinary victim centered institutional cooperation model for cases of violence against children – Barnahus model

The main activities in the project include;

  • establishing more effective and efficient procedures for investigation of child abuse;
  • increasing the knowledge of staff and potential witnesses;
  • raising public awareness (two public campaigns);
  • upgrading facilities in line with the European quality standards for Barnahus;
  • staff will be trained in responding to concerns of child abuse;
  • development of a multi-disciplinary model (teams of professionals) for inter-agency cooperation and coordination;
  • providing relevant guidelines and methodology to respond to the cases effectively and taking into consideration the needs of the victims.

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