Development of a less polluting, automated facade system integrated into building management systems

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Oslo Metropolitan University(NO)
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Kaunas University of Technology(LT)

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The aim of the project is to create an innovative, less polluting, automated and integrated facade system integrated into building management systems, which will have a number of innovative features. The new modular façade product will allow to offer expected CO2 saving to 70-75% and integrated data management system to create the digital ecosystem with enhanced building serviceability and environmental data system. Looking forward all those new features will contribute to sustainability trends while digital implementation will allow building owners, investors, habitants to implement higher level of automatization, data research models, contribute to digital city concept. 

The project is implemented together with three partners - scientific and research institutions - Oslo Metropolitan University and SINTEF in Norway, as well as Kaunas University of Technology. Goals of the project are very complex and require high level of expertise in very separate field of engineering. Expertise varies from materials research, hardware manufacturing, data management, programming, various product testing, 3D twin modelling and management. For this complex expertise partnership with two universities and one science institution is envisaged. By having experienced partners, integration of different technologies and methodologies to create a new product as well to create learning cases and find any possible integration with studies programmers is expected to be achieved.

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