Provision of methodological tools for health offices of pre-school and school education institutions of Trakai district municipality

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Trakai District Municipality Administration(LT)
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In implementation
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Other Project Partners
Public Health Bureau of Trakai District Municipality(LT)

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Health care for children and students has been a sensitive problem in educational institutions of Lithuania for a long time. Little attention is paid to improve the mental well-being of children, to increase a prevention of harmful habits, to promote a healthy lifestyle. There is a lack of methodological tools, health care tools, equipment and furniture in the health offices located in the educational institutions. The health offices need repairs. The aim of the project is to improve the mental health of children and young people of school age. The task of the project is to renew the health offices of pre-school and school education institutions located in the municipality of Trakai district and equip them with methodological tools.

During the project, 15 health offices will be equipped with the necessary new methodological tools, 4 health offices will be repaired. Various methodological tools for the improvement of mental health will be purchased, as well as tools for the development of healthy lifestyle skills, physical activity, prevention of harmful habits, and sexuality education. Workplace for public health specialists will be improved. 

The project will contribute to increasing the health (including mental health) of children and adolescents attending pre-school and school educational institutions. The quality of  work of health care specialists will significantly improve after the repair of the poorly equipped health offices. Specialists will be able to provide quality, wide-ranging services and assistance to school-age children and young people. 

The project is implemented together with a partner Public Health Bureau of Trakai District Municipality. During and after the project, partner together with public health professionals, will be responsible for the maintenance and suitability of the tools and equipment purchased.

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