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Support Foundation “RIGRA”(LT)
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Lithuanian Psychoactive Substance Users Initiative Group(LT)

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Drug dependent people (DDP) in Lithuania have psychosocial, health problems and they are not being properly advocated in local and state levels. Due to lack co-operation between institutions and DDP, problems are not solved timely and qualitatively, DDPs‘rights are violated. All of this happens because there is no DDP community capable to advocate itself. 

Influence sphere challenges – to prepare vulnerable people to defend the interests of their community, to involve them into advocacy, to empower them and CSOs that advocate them to seek that society would understand vulnerable groups and their needs. 

Aim. To unite and empower Lithuanian DDP representatives and to prompt advocacy of their community‘s rights. 

Purposive groups of the project – DDP who have psychosocial and health issues due to their addiction, DD women and DDPs‘ relatives.

Solution of the problem and results. Purposive group leaders who participate in studies of communication, advocacy, leadership, will gain professional knowledge, will learn to express needs and rights. By taking place in movements of advocacy, DDP will get stronger as a community. By employing professionals, society will be informed about activities of the project, there will be less stigma about DDP. With help of experts, community leaders will participate in discussions with representatives of 5 local administrations, will make problems of the community public and will seek for solutions. DDP communities will prepare a joint advocacy letter to the Lithuanian institutions. They will create FB communication systems (1 private and 1 open) where they will have a discussion. DDP will be empowered and gather into community with its leadership, communication and advocacy knowledge and skills. Needs of members will be known, as well as measures of meeting those needs in local and national levels. Representatives of partners will participate in various trainings and will discuss about NGO empowerment.

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