Reconstruction of the Municipal court building in Split and promotion of e-services

Project facts

Project promoter:
Sector for Judicial Infrastructure within the Directorate for Strategic Development, Information and Capital Investments in Judiciary(HR)
Project Number:
In implementation
Initial project cost:
Donor Project Partners:
Norwegian Courts Administration(NO)
Other Project Partners
Judicial Academy(HR)


The project is designed to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the judicial system through improvement of physical conditions and availability of  the judicial infrastructure, reinforcing the use of e-services within the judiciary and reinforcing the capacity of judges through training at the European Court of Human Rights. Improvements in e-services field will be achieved in cooperation with Norwegian Courts Administration and other Norwegian entities. Judges, court advisers and other court staff at the Municipal Court in Split will benefit from improved working conditions, this will enable them to raise efficiency of their work. Citizens of Split and surrounding areas will benefit from using the reconstructed building, especially people with reduced mobility and disabled persons who will be able to access the Court more easily. Promoter’s staff will benefit from cooperation with Norwegian Courts Administration regarding reinforcing judicial e-services. Through recommendations by Norwegian experts, the Promoter will significantly improve its effectiveness and efficiency in establishing and promoting e-services within the Croatian judiciary. Croatian judges seconded to the ECtHR will improve competences by working on the European level, especially in the field of human rights protection. Most importantly, Croatian citizens and legal entities will benefit from upgraded judicial infrastructure, improved performance of judges and raised awareness on the availability of e-services within the judicial system.

The project consists of following components:

  • Reconstruction of the ex-department store for the Municipal court in Split
  • Reinforcing e-services within the judicial system
  • Secondment of judges to the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR)

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