Early Childhood Intervention Coalition

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Croatian Association on Early Childhood Intervention – CAECI(HR)
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In implementation
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Department of Education and Youth(IS)

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The establishment of the Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) System requires social dialogue of many stakeholders, as ECI is intersectoral and multidisciplinary, and under the jurisdiction of local, regional and national policies. CSOs have a significant role in advocating for its creation, and CSOs in the county with an below-average development index - Krapina-Zagorje County (KZC) are the main target group. They are few, unconnected, have weak advocacy capacity, and lack knowledge of the fundamentals of modern ECI. Therefore, the goal is (1) to sensitize communities and CSOs to the challenges faced by families in need of ECI (promotional and mobilization activities) so that (2) CSOs jointly launch an advocacy process for creating local, regional and, indirectly, national policie for the creation of better and more comprehensive support for vulnerable children and for the regulatory framework for the cross-sectoral ECI system in the KZC and Croatia.

This goal will be achieved by creating an intersectoral Coalition for ECI and multiplication in the preeschool sector through the Kindergarten Staff Network. They will work in synergy and will be open to new members for the multiplication of results in other LGUs and other counties. The process of empowerment and education for ECI advocacy (workshops) and research using the method of service learning (4 research reports) will enable the Coalition and the Network to elaborate 4 recommendations to LGUs, 2 for county bodies and 1 for the national level in a collaborative way  and with mobilization of public to send them to decision makers. The project will strengthen active citizenship and vulnerable groups in KZC, and connect Icelandic and Croatian practice of creating social justice in society.

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