Modern Energy Upgrade of Municipal Stadium and Actions to Reduce the Energy Footprint for the Local Community of Katerini

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The project is needed for the following reasons. First, to familiarize the local community with innovative technologies. Second, to raise awareness regarding green technologies. Third, to reduce the building’s operating costs and reinvest these savings. Fourth, to spread the message of environmental protection. Fifth, to reduce inequalities and improve living standards. Sixth, to cooperate with various entities regarding energy efficiency good practices. Seventh, to promote the adoption of green technologies and sustainability. 

The project aims to reduce the energy footprint of the 2nd Municipal Stadium of Katerini. The indoor swimming pool, indoor basketball court and shooting facility will be upgraded.

The project will apply innovative energy upgrade technologies to reduce energy consumption. Children, young people and adults will appreciate the advantages of modern technologies and adopt energy efficiency practices.

The project consists of the following sub-projects.  First, the supply and installation of modern energy technologies at the Stadium for its retrofitting into a modern Sports Center with zero energy consumption. Second, the installation of measuring equipment to monitor the project results. Third, consulting services for the project monitoring and activities for the publicity of the project results.

The project plans to adopt modern sustainable development practices and apply innovative technologies. Moreover, the project aims to mobilize the area’s active population groups.

The local community is expected to benefit in multiple ways. First, energy efficiency practices will be promoted to the building’s visitors. Second, citizens will see the direct benefits of energy technologies and adopt them to improve their quality of life. Third, the Stadium’s retrofitting will represent an environmental protection example. Fourth, the community’s living standards will be improved, and resources will be saved to support the area’s vulnerable social groups.

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