Multi-disciplinary knowledge integration for digital manufacturing (Digiman)

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Tallinn University of Technology(EE)
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In implementation
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Norwegian University of Science and Technology(NO)
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The project is aimed to develop the knowledge of Industry Digitalization and to develop a new course module in that area. The course module is also implemented in the project timeframe. The target group consists of TalTech Virumaa College, TalTech University and Norwegian University of Science and Technology and their stakeholders. The main needs include the know-how and practices of digitalization in industry and in a narrower example of the chemical industry.

The narrowed aim is to give the course participants new insights into digital simulation capacities for chemical trials and tests. This will reduce the need of using real life chemicals at some trials and study-processes, thus increasing ecological sustainability and reducing cost. Being able to apply these kinds of digital simulations in chemistry would innovate various teaching methods in the partner universities. Furthermore, the new courses would benefit the local (and in the future international) enterprises as well.

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