Creating a Pernova Climate Education demonstration area ""Smart Park"" /Pernova kliimahariduse näidisala """" SMART PARK"" loomine

Project facts

Project promoter:
Pernova Educational Centre(EE)
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In implementation
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Donor Project Partners:
Kongsberg kommunale eiendom KF(NO)


The aim is to create infrastructure and improve the environmental capacity of the Pernova Education Centre by providing climate change studies to students of primary and basic schools, to local government officials and to the Nature House visitors. The implementation of study programs requires modernization of infrastructure and investments in user-friendly solutions. The aim of the centre is to be an influencer of the environmental education for everyone in Pärnu city. Also support sectoral developments. Within the framework of this project, we are ready to make a new development leap towards a more conscious new generation. This goes hand in hand with the new climate and development plan of Pärnu city and with the development trends of Pernova HK.


  • A model area for climate education has been completed in the yard area of Pernova Nature House. There are going to be a SMART PARK and renewable energy infrastructure area with an outdoor training class about the environment and climate change. There are also vertical wind turbines and solar panels with storage devices with the possibility of real-time monitoring.
  • Developed Climate change study programs. Pernova Education Centre has the capacity to educate students, teachers, and local government officials.
  • Fossil free fuel maintenance equipment for the maintenance of the park area, and electric cross-country motorcycles have been introduced in recreational activities.
  • A high-greenery zone has been created by planting trees to reduce the boundaries of the heat islands, using friendly planting methods and rainwater gathering solutions. The yard area of Pernova Nature House has been updated and the species diversity has been increased. The study garden is made, which gives an opportunity to provide knowledge for the construction of community gardens.
  • The lighting around the nature house has been switched to solar energy.

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