Place for All - Building a Space for Mutual Coexistence

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Ministry of Regional Development(CZ)
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In implementation
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Safe Learning(NO)

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The project aims to propagate tolerance and respect for difference in the society and to support a harmonious environment for mutual co-existence and cooperation between the majority and minorities.  The project will enhance the state’s role in tackling hate and promoting tolerance and social cohesion in the society. The project will give special consideration to the Roma-population. The project is a follow-up to the “Campaign against racism and hate violence” conducted by the “Agency for Social Inclusion” at the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic supported by the EEA Grants 2009 – 2014. The project will, inter alia, include the following main activities:

  • Strengthening mediation in schools
  • Enhanced communication skills through training and seminars of local government representatives in conflict resolution caused by Hate Speech and development of crisis communication plans,
  • Online educational tool for primary and secondary schools to tackle prejudices and intolerance. Adaption of the existing “Online workshop” platform to the needs of various age groups and extended to include secondary school students. Teachers will be trained in using the application and a teacher’s manual promoting diversity and tolerance in schools will be updated,
  • A nation-wide media campaign “Hate Free Culture” which will focus on communicating with mass media audiences and users of social networks. Development of a communication platform stimulating discussion on recent issues related to human rights, vulnerable groups and social tensions and conflicts,
  • Evaluation of the impact and quality of project’s activities and public opinion surveys on “share of young persons with concern for human rights and equality”.

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