Developing the universities third responsibility; Technology transfer to foster innovation

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University of South Bohemia, České Budějovice(CZ)
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In implementation
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The project envisages activities between the Norwegian technology transfer office and the Czech university. It will provide valuable opportunity to share expertise in knowledge and technology transfer and foster the development of joint educational modules of intellectual property and education of knowledge and technology transfer as an infrastructure for the large community.
Knowledge and technology transfer (TT) between research institutions and enterprises significantly supports the development of innovation and thus contributes to the competitiveness of companies and regions. However, this process does not happen automatically, and therefore systematic support is needed.
Expected impact of the project:
1.    Significant strengthening of cooperation of technology transfer centres of both universities;
2.    Significant strengthening of collaboration between scientists from both countries;
3.    Significant strengthening network activities in both states, especially between scientific research institutions, students and researchers;
4.    Improving cross-border access and beyond knowledge and technology interconnection with R&D institutions;
5.    Increase the likelihood of specific research cooperation involving start-up and spin-off companies and the scientific community.
Another important point of the project is modifying and improving the curriculum and study materials for teaching the study subject focused on technology transfer and intellectual property protection.

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