Bohemian Perfection: a platform strenghtening individuals and institutions of traditional crafts, supporting their interdisciplinary cooperation and networking in applied design and tourism

Project facts

Project promoter:
Institute for Digital Economy(CZ)
Project Number:
In implementation
Initial project cost:
Donor Project Partners:
Norwegian University College for Agriculture and Rural Development(NO)
Other Project Partners
Czech Technical University in Prague
Faculty of Architecture
Product Design Studio – Studio Jaroš(CZ)
National Institute of Folk Culture(CZ)

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In the Bohemian Perfection project, we focus on practical online networking (regardless of the Covid19 pandemic situation) of traditional craftsmen with fashion, textile and home accessories producers, designers, and tourism professionals. We believe this is the key to fully integrate traditional crafts into the economy and to save them.

The aim of this 18-month project is to create a platform that will strengthen the business skills of selected traditional craftsmen and enable them to establish cooperation with partners in production, design and tourism. We will cooperate not only with traditional craftsmen and producers but also with 2 domestic and 1 foreign partner (National Institute of Folk Culture, design Studio Jaroš ČVUT and Høgskulen for grøn utvikling).
The aim of creating an interconnection platform (reached via 7 act.) is to develop traditional craft techniques by strengthening the competitiveness of their bearers through a combination of contemporary design and modern production; applications in tourism with the support of local cultures, all in comparison with the experience of a Norwegian partner specializing in regional development based on the cultural heritage. The selection of partners targets professionals in the field of traditional culture and strengthening its bearers in localities and universities, which educate potential successors and benefit from an active connection with traditional crafts.

We join the project with activities that open up the future of traditional handicraft production, which can no longer be preserved by maintaining traditional morphology or by one-off events, but only by systematic and targeted support of the business environment so that it becomes part of our present material culture again. 

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