No Traps: Integration and support of autistic children into regular schools

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Osvětová beseda, obecně prospěšná společnost(CZ)
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In implementation
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Department of Education and Youth(IS)


When it comes to integrating children with ASDs into regular primary schools, the Czech Republic is failing. Graduation from a special school is usually not followed up by further studies or receiving qualifications in order to find employment. The project aims to create a support net for children with ASDs and their parents all over the Czech Republic. The project’s main goal is to draw inspiration from Iceland’s know-how, pass as much of this know-how as possible on to Czech teachers and create support centers in all regions of the Czech Republic. The project’s output includes a detailed methodology on the integration of children with ASDs into regular schooling, a case study with inspiring examples and an accredited course for pre-school and primary school teachers on preparing autistic children for their entrance in a regular primary school.
Children with ASDs and their families, as well as pre-school and primary schools teachers, form the project’s target group (secondarily, the general public can also benefit from it). A handbook on the integration of autistic children into regular schools, case studies and the contact information of trained professionals of each region will be available to anyone interested. Meetings between parents of autistic children and the general public (which is still very affected by prejudice against children with ASDs) will also take place in all the regions. After the end of the project, we will still be offering the newly accredited course to teachers as part of our educational activity.
We believe the project’s output (a new methodology, a case study and a complex course) will serve as a tool of a truly integrated approach to the support of autistic children in regular schools, bringing real change to the Czech education system.

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