Together today, together tomorrow - local communities in support of improved early childhood education and care

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Malko Tarnovo Municipality(BG)
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In implementation
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Donor Project Partners:
The City of Reykjavik
Department of Education and Youth(IS)
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The goal of the project is focused on improving the access to education, health protection and development of social skills of children aged 0 – 6 years, who do not attend or do not have access to pre-school or nursery school, or live in isolated rural/urban and/or poor areas with concentration of problems generating risk of poverty, social exclusion and marginalization. The aim of the project is to promote active involvement of the Roma community in the early child care and education, the commitment and activation of the parents in order to form parenting skills; to employ expertsRoma education mediators, health mediators and pedagogical specialists; to organize mobile teams of experts for fieldwork and visits at the homes of the children who need care and support; to create and maintain a multidisciplinary and multiethnic team of representatives of the Roma community who will work with the children from disadvantaged areas and their families in order to develop their social skills and support the inclusion of the children in the education system in order to develop the local communities and overcome the negative stereotypes.The children will be provided with theatre costumes, innovative games and outdoor educational games and facilities. Basic items, like clothes, necessary for the children from the Roma communities, will also be provided. For this purpose, an outdoor space/playground will be built, and it will be used to practice outdoor educational activities, related to the stimulation of the intellectual capabilities of the target group. Group visits to various cultura, educational and other locationsl will be organized for practical familiarization with various aspects of the social life. A mobile hub will be created along with an extension of an already existing centre for pre-school education and early childcare, with the aim of encouraging the process of education, social and economic integration and development

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