Enlarging the independent life of elderly and persons with disabilities through WT smart service

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Hospice Carica Eleonora Varna(BG)
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Smart Innovation Norway AS(NO)

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This project, with the hospice "Carica "Elenoara",  aims to address the vulnerabilities of elderly individuals, aged 65 and above, who often face health risks and emergencies while staying at home. The lack of a continuous monitoring and emergency alert system for the elderly in Bulgaria makes them dependent on costly care options. The project''s main objective is to develop an innovative remote monitoring and emergency alert system using a specially designed smartwatch that collects real-time health data. The system, including an IT platform with big data technology, will detect anomalies related to heart rate and motion, enabling timely assistance. The project focuses on testing and validating the integrated system, involving approximately 100 elderly individuals for trials. With the support of a Norwegian partner, the project introduces a digital welfare technology solution with potential scalability to benefit elderly populations in North East Bulgaria.

Bileteral relations will be strengthened in two areas. (1) Transfer of specific know-how from Norway to Bulgaria Smart Innovation Norway AS has significant experiences in ICT development and solutions. Based on that expertise, the Partners’ recommendations and advice will contribute to the improvement of the final product ( the monitoring system) to respond to the special needs of the customers; (2) Increased competence of both the Bulgarian and the Norwegian company The joint project will give all parties good opportunity to share results and further increase their expertise and competence in the specific WT area.

Summary of project results

Elderly people need a 24/7 monitoring of their health and general physical status  as well as of a quick access to emergency services in case of need.

The main objective of the project was to develop  an innovative WT service - a remote monitoring at home and emergency alert system to helps elderly and persons with disabilities to become more independent and reliant. The new system includes 2 main components - a device ( sort of smart watch) for collecting bio-data and the AI platform for processing and assessing data and encompassing the necessary medical rules, algorithms and procedures. The two components have been  tested as one integrated system. 

The project has created an important value for the  company and for the end users of the service as well.   The new service  addresses the socio-economic challenges in Bulgaria by providing remote monitoring to elderly people at home. The project results are  expected to have a strong positive impact on the well-being  and improvement of the quality of life of thousands  of people in Bulgaria.

Summary of bilateral results

Due to the restrictions for travelling during the COVId-19 pandemic, the Norwegian partner did not have the possibility to preform tests in Bulgaria. Only a transfer of competence and know-how was

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