GaIN (Green IrrigatioN)

Project facts

Project promoter:
Kaskada Ltd.(BG)
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Initial project cost:
Final project cost:
Donor Project Partners:
International Development Norway AS(NO)

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The primary objective of the project is to enhance the competitiveness of KASKADA Ltd. through the introduction of an innovative product—an irrigation drip tape manufactured from an 80% recycled compound. The project aims to establish a circular approach in the production and distribution of irrigation pipes, leading to the transformation of KASKADA Ltd. into an almost zero-emission factory. By closing the value chain for drip-type irrigation pipes, the company not only streamlines its own processes but also makes the entire irrigation system more cost-effective and efficient for farmers. The innovative production concept involves replacing 80% of the typically used prime-grade high-density polyethylene with a recycled polymer compound, derived from HDPE waste collected from various sources. This green production approach offers multiple advantages, including a simplified production process, cost savings, high levels of purification, and the creation of a high-quality end product. The project is expected to increase annual net revenue and profits, create six new job positions, and position KASKADA Ltd. as a more competitive player in both local and international markets, contributing to the bilateral relations between Bulgaria and Norway. Furthermore, the long-term impact of the project aims to transform KASKADA Ltd. into an environmentally sustainable, (almost) zero-waste and emission-free factory.

Collaborating with Norwegian partner International Development Norway is crucial for the project''s success. They bring expertise and technological solutions, enhancing the beneficiary''s capabilities. The partnership extends beyond the current project, focusing on future initiatives involving advanced technologies and best practices. The collaboration began with a visit by International Development Norway to KASKADA''s production plant in September 2018, where they discussed the GaIN project and laid the foundation for ongoing and future collaborations.

Summary of project results

The following targets were reached:
- one fully operational irrigation drip tape extrusion line was introduced, which will be operating with a new recipe of 80% recycled plastic compounds;
- one Assessment of product performance in the context of circular economy provided by the Project Partner.

Summary of bilateral results

Based on its rich experience in the field International Development Norway contributed to an increased green performance of the new production line, both in terms of energy efficiency cycles and applied compounds. Additionally, IDN involvement was extended to general overview and performance based assessment of the whole company in the context of the circular economy concept.

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