GaIN (Green IrrigatioN)

Project facts

Project promoter:
Kaskada Ltd.(BG)
Project Number:
Initial project cost:
Final project cost:
Donor Project Partners:
International Development Norway AS(NO)

More information


KASKADA Ltd. is a Bulgarian enterprise based in the city of Plovdiv showing promising growth potential in the recent years. It is operating into the fields of manufacturing, distribution and recycling of polymers as well as developing its presence in the freight transport services. The company has recognized its responsibilities towards sustainable development and greening of the sector. In line with this strategic view is the projects supported under the Norway Grants` call Green Industry Innovation. A new technology for the production of drip irrigation pipes made of 80% recycled materials under own recipe developed by KASKADA Ltd. will be commercialized. By implementing the project activities, the company will close the circle of value chain for drip type irrigation pipes and will make the process cheaper and less time intensive not only for KASKADA Ltd. but also for farmers as end-users. Partner within the project is International Development Norway.

The main outputs of the project are one installed and fully operational extrusion line for irrigation pipes and creation of six new jobs.


Summary of project results

The following targets were reached:
- one fully operational irrigation drip tape extrusion line was introduced, which will be operating with a new recipe of 80% recycled plastic compounds;
- one Assessment of product performance in the context of circular economy provided by the Project Partner.

Summary of bilateral results

Based on its rich experience in the field International Development Norway contributed to an increased green performance of the new production line, both in terms of energy efficiency cycles and applied compounds. Additionally, IDN involvement was extended to general overview and performance based assessment of the whole company in the context of the circular economy concept.

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