Social Dialogue – Decent Work (Norway Grants)

Key facts

Programme Operator:
Innovation Norway
Programme ID:
Date of approval:
Total amount:
Norway Grants fund:
€ 14,691,900

Currently available funding

Programme Summary


Strengthened tripartite cooperation between employer organisations, trade unions and public authorities and the promotion of decent work

Programme summary

This Annex sets out the operational rules for the programme. The programme agreement is based on the MoUs, the concept note, and comments made by the NMFA. Commitments, statements and guarantees, explicit as well as implicit, made in the concept note, are binding for the Fund Operator unless otherwise explicitly stipulated in the annexes to this programme implementation agreement.

The Programme Operator is the Financial Mechanism Office (FMO). The Fund Operator is Innovation Norway. The programme will be implemented across all Beneficiary States supported under the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021.

The programme shall support the outcomes “Improved social dialogue and cooperation”, “Enhanced implementation of the decent work agenda (fair and decent working conditions) and “Access to employment facilitated” by way of calls in each of the Beneficiary States supported under the programme, as well as two pre-defined projects on work-related crime and work-life balance.

The end beneficiaries of the programme are governments, employers'' and workers'' organisations that will use social dialogue as a tool to manage change and achieve economic and social goals, as well as employees in need of improved decent work arrangements. 

Bilateral Ambitions

Information on the projects funded by the EEA and Norway Grants is provided by the Programme and Fund Operators in the Beneficiary States, who are responsible for the completeness and accuracy of this information.