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Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic
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Improved prevention and reduced inequalities in health

Programme summary

Programme Concerns

Civil society empowerment in the health sector, including user involvement in strengthening the role of patients shall be supported.

Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic shall act as Programme Partner and shall be actively involved in and effectively contributing to the development and implementation of the programme.

The programme shall address social inequalities in health with a special focus on the health needs of the Roma population.

The programme shall support mental health promotion and prevention of mental illness with particular emphasis on children''s mental health and well-being.

The programme shall support prevention of communicable and non-communicable diseases as well as antimicrobial resistance.

Bilateral Ambitions

€ 125,000 shall be allocated to the programme from the fund for bilateral relations. This does not prevent the Joint Committee for Bilateral Funds from allocating additional funds to the programme.

Information on the projects funded by the EEA and Norway Grants is provided by the Programme and Fund Operators in the Beneficiary States, who are responsible for the completeness and accuracy of this information.