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Programme Operator:
Ministry of Interior - Bulgaria
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Total amount:
Norway Grants fund:
€ 21,071,960

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Programme Summary


Strengthened rule of law

Programme summary

Programme Concerns

A maximum level of funding available from the total eligible expenditure of the programme for infrastructure (hard measures) shall be identified in the concept note.

In developing the concept note and during the implementation of the programme, the Programme Operator shall seek to ensure synergies with the programme ''Justice'' in order to strengthen the justice chain, inter alia, regarding access to justice, good governance, gender based-violence and trafficking in human beings.

Special concern shall be given to asylum and migration with special focus on unaccompanied minors.

Special concern shall be given to domestic and gender-based violence (police training).

Special concern shall be given to police cooperation.

Special concern shall be given to the prevention and combating of corruption within the police.

The possibility of pre-defining project(s) with the National Police Directorate (POD) and the Norwegian Police Service shall be explored when developing the concept note.

This programme shall contribute to the improvement of the situation for the Roma population and shall contribute towards the target set in section 2 ''Specific concerns'' of this Annex.

Bilateral Ambitions

€ 528,040 shall be allocated to the programme from the fund for bilateral relations. This does not prevent the Joint Committee for Bilateral Funds from allocating additional funds to the programme.

Information on the projects funded by the EEA and Norway Grants is provided by the Programme and Fund Operators in the Beneficiary States, who are responsible for the completeness and accuracy of this information.