Study trip to Slovakia and participation at match making event (GGCBFPI-01)

Bilateral initiative facts

Norwegian Barents Secretariat(NO)
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Matchmaking event
Study tour
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The aim of the predefined bilateral initiative was to organize a Study trip to Slovakia and to participate in the Match-making event in Košice organized by the Programme Operator. Within the initiative the representatives from 4 institutions from Norway, namely Troms County Youth Council, Nord University Business School, Nordland County Council and Municipal Development Company (Sør-Varanger municipality) have participated in sevaral meetings with Slovak institution and to establish the base for the potential future cooperation. During the Match-making event the Norwegian Barents Secretariat

Summary of the results

The promoter successfully completed trough the initiative the following activities: strengthened bilateral relations between Slovakia and Norway, presented knowledge about Slovak society, politics, and system for higher education, organized the Matchmaking event and established direct contacts with Norwegian partners for future cooperation.

Study trip from Norway to Slovakia organized: 1

Number of people participating in the Matchmaking event: 50

The number of participants from Slovakia: 50

The number of participants from the Donor states: 9

Number of created joint results (study, meeting, analysis, reports, trips): 5

Number of promotional/information activities raising awareness on EEA and Norway grants organized: 3

Potential partnerships: Troms county, Søraranger tvikling, Nord University, Nordland county international department

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