System Modeling in Czech and Norwegian Forestry (SYMFOR)

Bilateral initiative facts

Masaryk University, Faculty of Social Studies(CZ)
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Initiative Types:
Preparation of partnership project or application
Study tour
University of Bergen(NO)
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The aim of the initiative was strengthening the partnership and preparing a proposal for international grant application within the issue of complex system modeling of forestry in the Czech Republic. The initiative included study visits during which Czech-Norwegian team worked on academic outputs (reports, articles, joint analysis of existing datasets), translations of materials for project proposal and finally draft of grant application for EEA/Norway Grants'' Research programme (a project studying non-linear development of forests decay with the use of input-output analysis methodology).

Summary of the results

The cooperation between leading research teams of System Dynamics Research Group at the University of Bergen and the Department of Environmental Studies, Masaryk University, was significantly strengthened and the aim of the initiative to prepare a joint proposal for international grant application within the issue of complex system modeling of forestry in the Czech Republic was fulfilled. During both research mobilities , researchers from Masaryk University were in daily contact with personnel of the University of Bergen, mainly researcher Dr. Birgit Kopainsky. They cooperated on the preparation and submitted data analysis, a research report,  the research proposal, and discussed how to connect their research methodologies within future joint research efficiently. All the outputs of the initiative were provided in close cooperation of both teams. The knowledge about system dynamics was improved within Czech participants, whether the understanding of input-output analysis, social metabolism, and quantitative sociological research methodologies used by the Masaryk University team were enhanced on the side of the System Dynamics Team. The joint project proposal was submitted into the KAPPA open call for research projects (CZ-Research Programme, TA ČR) in February 2020.

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