Support to victims of sexual violence: knowledge exchange

Bilateral initiative facts

proFem - Center for Victims of Domestic and Sexual Violence(CZ)
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Study tour
Dixi Ressurssenter(NO)


The exchange of knowledge between Norway and CR in the area of sexual violence was done through a study visit to Norway and a konference organized by proFem. During the study trip, proFem’s staff visited several Norwegian institutions and organizations working with this topic, especially involved in the direct work with victims. The aim of this travel was to contact diverse stakeholders in Norway. The visitors had an opportunity to learn different approaches in direct work, as well as the modalities of cooperation at an interdisciplinary and institutional level. The objective of a presentation

Summary of the results

ProFem gained inspiration for expanding services for victims of sexual violence. ProFem intends to open the crisis centre for victims of sexual violence in the Czech Republic, therefore visiting similar centres in Norway was highly beneficial. As a result of the initiative, ProFem managed to prepare recommendations for state authorities, which have been shared with the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic. ProFem intends to establish closer partnership with crises centre in Norway. The possibilities for future partnership have already been discussed with Norwegian organizations during the initiative (especially in the crises centre in Fredrikstad). Another direction of possible cooperation with Norwegian institution lies in the research area. As for now, together with Norwegian Centre for Violence and Traumatic Stress Studies, ProFem is discussing and examining possible funding opportunities for the qualitative and quantitative research focused on the intimate partner violence among youth.


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