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Technology Center Pisek(CZ)
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Norwegian University of Science and Technology(NO)
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IoTEra was a conference hosted in Prague and focused on the technology aspects of solutions that can be found in the Smart City and Industry 4.0 concepts. The program was devoted to professionals who would like to network with other technology stakeholders and create new partnerships for the future development of the digital transformation. The main focus area was the IoT real-life deployment (such as air metering, water management, energy management, etc.) with connection to other modern technologies (such as big data analysis, artificial intelligence, or machine learning). Networking was the

Summary of the results

Conference showed real IoT technologies use cases by having participants from all over the IoT spectrum. Organizations represented HW and SW solutions, integrators, consultants, and researchers and developers being from business, start-up, academia, and public administration background with technology high school students coming. The format has been selected well since the participants were in the spare moments in between the individual program activities in live talk. The konference was very successful thanks to the approach of having a clear tech focus and a lot of abilities to network. The time allotted for questions has been fully used up and the atmosphere was that of an intense exchange of thoughts. Other crucial activity was the meeting between TCP and NTNU. The teams brought and presented new solutions and ways for potential cooperation.  Thanks to the NTNU, many of the local organizations were able to connect with them and they were also able to speak to local tech students about the opportunities that await them. Connections were established that have the potential to last beyond the conference. And thanks to the presence of the IQRF Alliance, the audience also knows about other events in the IoT area to keep in building the networks.

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