Promoting the practical implementation of Open Dialogues in the Czech Republic

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Workshop or seminar
Norwegian University of Science and Technology(NO)
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The initiative will link representatives from two countries, the Czech Republic and Norway on the topic of care for people with mental illness. This is a is a follow-up to the weekly workshop supported from the Bilateral Fund and organized by the applicant in June 2017, when two lecturers from the two universities and the Clinic of Good Dialogue were introduced to the staff of two organizations from the Czech Republic and experts in Jeseník with the Open Dialogue (OtD) method.

The initiative will allow professionals from the Czech Republic who  deal with people with mental illness  to become

Summary of the results

We have strengthened our cooperation with Norwegian partners and created a space for sharing experiences and high-quality materials for the promotion of Open Dialogue as a successful method in working with people with mental illness. As planned, the collaboration involved partners from the Good Dialogue Clinic in Norway, both experts (Mark S. Hopfenbeck, Pia and Reiulf) and people with experience of mental illness. Groups of workers from other organisations in Czechia working with people with mental illness also participated. The partners of the initiative were active and interested and therefore the cooperation was very beneficial. We plan to continue this cooperation in the future with further bilateral projects.

As an output of the project, a video and a brochure were produced and will be used to promote the impact of the workshop and the Open Dialogue. Groups of staff from other organisations in Czechia also participated in the workshop. 

There were 3 main activities: 
1. Workshop “Practical implementation of the Open Dialogue in the Czechia” 

2. Video output:
3.Brochure - It was created using our original texts, transcripts of some of the topics from the workshop, translated professional texts, supplemented by a record of practical work with the Open Dialogue method. 

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