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Era Productions ltd.(CZ)
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StudyScript and Film Teaser creation
PlymSerafin Production(NO)


Era Productions together with the Norwegian partner PlymSerafin have decided to develop a documentary film, understandable to any viewer, with the urgent and instructive message, that will impact the general view on climate crisis and will openly describe the urgency to start acting on an individual level as well as society as a whole as well as demand political action. The theme of the film will not focus on the presentation of the current state of the climate crisis but will point out the importance of collaboration across society at times of threat to our existence.

The aim of the initiative

Summary of the results

The goals set in the grant application were reached. In cooperation with the Norwegian project partner the promoter succeeded in defining the method and format of the future film, then they continued on the research part followed by preparation and production of the teaser and preparation of the script for the future film. 6 NO and 2 CZ experts were addressed to provide online interviews, which then were shot, transcribed into text and published at Deník Referendum: in particular the philosopher of education Ingerid Straume, eco-psychologist P. Espen Stoknes, journalist and writer A. Karin Saether, climate scientist R. Benestad, leader Nature and Youth Organization T. Hugstmyr Woie, biologist Dag O. Hessen, philosopher L. Likavčan and economist and rector of Masaryk University, D.Nerudová. Mr Bystřičan (the promoter) with the crew conducted field research and a three-day shooting for the teaser of an ecological hackathon. The video&audio material was edited and video and audio post production was done. The teaser was published in multiple media outlets, e.g.

Enviweb - -

and others. The partners shared know-how and experience regarding the artistic direction for the future film.


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