LANDSCAPE, CITY, PUBLIC SPACE / study trips, preparatory meetings, workshop and conference

Bilateral initiative facts

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Initiative Types:
Preparation of partnership project or application
Workshop or seminar
Rintala Egertsson Architects(NO)
Studio Granda Architects(IS)
The Institute of Architecture and Planning at the University of Liechtenstein(LI)
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The first objective was to organize a multidisciplinary student workshop under the lead of a top specialist from Norway and a one-day professional conference with lectures by experts from Liechtenstein and Iceland. The second objective was a series of meetings of the Czech organisation with partners from donor countries in order to plan a two-year follow-up project, inspired by the previous mutual collaboration, and submitting of a related grant application.

The experience gained here will bring the students an international perspective and inspiration from countries where the relationship of

Summary of the results

The initiative was realized fully in accordance with the plan as three bilateral meetings with partners and a student workshop in Ostrava. The Czech participants visited Norway, Liechtenstein (Vaduz) and Iceland (Reykjavik), the cooperation was very friendly and all partners were very important in the negotiation of the new upcoming joint project. The students workshop (11 students) was held in CR (Ostrava), the Norwegian expert Mr Sami Rintala from Rintala Egertsson Architects participated.  The seminar called LANDSCAPE - CITY - PUBLIC SPACE in Ostrava hosted 11 lecturers who presented their ideas and experience on traditional landscape and its transformation in times of climate change to more 70 participants. One lecturer came from Iceland and one from Liechtenstein. The initiative resulted in a draft of a project proposal for a two-year project  prepared for the upcoming Call within the Culture programm at the beginning of 2020.