The Common Workshop of the Czech Athletic Federation and the Norwegian Athletics Association on Children’s and Youth’s Sporting Activities with Regard to Physical Literacy and Proper Development

Bilateral initiative facts

Czech Athletic Federation(CZ)
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Workshop or seminar
Norwegian Athletics Association(NO)
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The aim of this initiative was to provide an opportunity for the Czech Athletic Federation to gain knowledge and experience from Norway since there was a very successful project on children’s and youth’s sporting activities. Activities included a common meeting in the headquarter of the Norwegian Athletics Association, visit of the respective departments, visit of the stadium, common dinner, and a common workshop. This was focused on physical literacy of children as such and on other related aspects, such as the proper development of children and youth, the prevention of civilisation diseases

Summary of the results

The cooperation started by the bilateral meeting followed by the workshop of the Czech Athletic Federation’s employees with members of the respective departments of the Norwegian Athletics Association in Oslo. The main topics that were discussed addressed physical literacy of children, the proper development of children and youth, the prevention of civilization diseases as regards children, reducing social inequalities between children and youth, gender balance and equal opportunities for all. The program of the workshop included also visits of the respective departments, of the stadium and trainings of a target group. The result of the bilateral cooperation is the experience and know-how gained from the Norwegian part about the operation, implementation and work on the projects on children’s and youth’s sporting activities with the emphasis on vulnerable target groups. The next result is the establishment of the cooperation in the area of youth work. In return, the Norwegian Athletics Association is promised to get an assistance concerning their problematic areas, such as the lack of versatility in youth categories and successful transfer of youth representatives to adult representation. There already have been implemented some beneficial information into educational and methodolical materials that are used for the youth physical literacy.