Gymnázium Česká Třebová - Sigdal Secondary School Exchange Programme

Bilateral initiative facts

Spolek Gymnázia Ceska Trebova(CZ)
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Study tour
Secondary school in Sigdal(NO)
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The initiative is aimed to support and develop an exchange program between the high school in Česká Třebová and public secondary school in Sigdal - Pretfoss. The aim of this bilateral cooperation is to anchor the knowledge of current world where young people have to face different challenges and to improve language skills and abilities of students and pedagogues. Activities involve exchange stays of Czech and Norwegian students and teachers.
The expected benefit is widening of knowledge and general awareness of students, from both of the partner schools, about Central Europe and Nordic

Summary of the results

This initiative was a standard exchange of students and teachers (together with students but even separately). It can be stated that the exchanges were very beneficial in getting to know the lifestyle of Czechs and Norwegians, meeting different educational style, speaking English language intensively, meeting and getting to know the Czech Republic and Norway more intensely (exploring life-style of the families, social, cultural, ecological and historical aspects of the specific country both for the students and teachers of the school Gymnázium Česká Třebová and the school Sigdal. As concerns students’ exchange, students stayed in their host families and could mutually get to know and explore the life of their counterparts and their parents. They participated on the lessons based on the schedule of the host student. The students gained a new point of view on learning and education system. The students also practised the usage of English in common life which led into breaking their communication barriers. As far as teachers exchange is concerned, the internship of the teachers aimed at boosting professional abilities and skills and was accomplished. The teachers took part in learning of English language, participated on tandem teaching and improved their pedagogical skills. The newly gained knowledge will be used within their teaching.