Establishing bilateral cooperation with Icelandic forest service

Bilateral initiative facts

Mendel University in Brno(CZ)
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Capacity building and short-term training
Data collection
Study tour
Icelandic forest service(IS)
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The main objectives of the initiative are the enhancement of the knowledge and the start of research cooperation with the Icelandic forest service research team. The main benefit of the project will be the formation of foundations for future cooperation, preparation of grant projects and publishing of scientific papers. The initiative will be launched at the partner institution where the Icelandic forest service will be introduced to Czech researchers and vice versa. The initiative will continue as fieldwork, in particularly sampling of subfossil trunks and driftwood, and observation of spruce

Summary of the results

The implementation of the initiative has resulted in the establishment of a very perspective cooperation between Czech university and Icelandic research institute. The research teams of both partners presented research activities to each other and discussed possible intersections. At the same time, the possibility of submitting joint research projects was sought, specifically the possibility of submitting a project plan in the forthcoming KAPPA programme on a possible topic of carbon sequestration on deforested areas, or the possibility of continuing joint driftwood research in Norway and Jan Mayen island. There is also a plan  to publish a joint publication.