Strengthening bilateral relations between the Czech Republic and the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (The NMBU)

Bilateral initiative facts

Agrovýzkum Rapotín, ltd.(CZ)
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Initiative Types:
Capacity building and short-term training
Data collection
Study tour
Norwegian University of Life Sciences(NO)
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The objective of this initiative is one short-term technical study trip at the NMBU, Norway. The visit will strengthen bilateral relations in research between the Czech Republic and the Kingdom of Norway based on the mutual exchange of knowledge in specific research areas (i.a. Climate change, environment; microbial population or methane emissions). The Czech and Norwegian research team expects that the bilateral cooperation will result further increasing of numbers of research activities, knowledge transfer, exchanging ideas and opinions, and possibly joint follow-up bilateral project

Summary of the results

The main result of the initiative is the transfer of knowledge in the field of various methods for measuring of methane emission in cows. A progress in the field of the measurement of methane emissions from ruminants using a so called “in vivo” method was supported and  “in vitro” methane production metohod using the ANKOM RF Gas production system was demonstrated. Demonstrations, hands-on training, transfer of knowledge and experience, exchanging of information, sharing of results and discussion about it as well as the evaluation of data from “in vivo” and “in vitro” experiments were done in cooperation of Czech and Norwegian partners. Gained knowledge will be further utilised by both partners.