ICE HOT 2018 Participation

Bilateral initiative facts

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Study tour
ICE HOT Reykjavik - Nordic Dance Platform(IS)
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The aim of a study trip to Ice Hot Reykjavik was to get to know the contemporary Norwegian and Icelandic dance and performing arts scene, trends and ideas which are important for the artistic season and last but not least also an opportunity to participate in seminars and workshops which were organized within this platform.

The participation in the ICE HOT 2018 platform enabled deepening of the knowledge gained so far and at the same time meeting of current trends and information about the Nordic cultural scene. The initiative will result also in a final report prepared by the participants

Summary of the results

The results of the bilateral cooperation can be seen in two ways – the tangible ones (final report and press release) and more abstract ones which, however, have even more significant value especially in the field of live art. The participation in the platform had a great influence on the bilateral relations between the Czech participant and the donor country personalities also attending the platform together with members from all over the world especially from the Nordic countries. The organizer of the event: ICE HOT Reykjavik - Nordic Dance Platform, acted as the Icelandic Project Partner. The participants from the DW7 organization (Czech Final Beneficiary) enhanced their knowledge of the Icelandic, Norwegian and over all Nordic scene thanks to individual productions, discussions, seminars and unofficial meetings and exchanges with the artists, promoters and organizers present at the platform. The DW7 representatives had also a chance to present the local Czech culture in unofficial meetings and therefore enabled the Nordic scene to look closer on the local production and arouse interest to study it further.  The members of DW7 plan further cooperation with the partner, either in form of residency exchange programmes or in other invitations to present live Nordic art in the Czech context.