Study trip to Norway: How to present traumatic parts of national history

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Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic
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Study tour
The Falstad Centre
The Norwegian Centre for Studies of Holocaust and Religious Minorities
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The main goal of the study trip is to acquire experience and knowledge on how Norway is presenting traumatic parts of the nation’s history. The practical experiences gained in Norway will serve as inspiration for the Czech partners, who will be involved in the process of erecting a future Roma Holocaust monument in Lety, South Bohemia. The trip include visits to a number of expert organizations and visits to places dedicated to the commemoration of  traumatic events in Norway’s recent history.

Summary of the results

Bilateral cooperation was established and all the participants enjoyed sharing experience in presenting traumatic parts of national history to the public. Especially  the team of the Museum of Romani Culture in Brno received important contacts and advice, which will be useful for the planned Lety Memorial (PDP within the CZ-Culture programme). The memorial employees got valuable experience attracting public interest and with preparation works for building similar memorials. At the Norwegian side there were various experts from different memorials at disposal who provided their expertize and discussed with participants. As a follow up, in late June 2018 the Norwegian team from the Falstad Centre carried out a reciprocal visit to Lety memorial, and more cooperation is planned. Moreover, the possibility of future participation of Czech youth at summer camps in Utoya, NO, will be explored. A press release was published at the Romea ( in Czech and English and also in the newspaper Romano Hangos as an article with photos from the study trip..