International events on modernisation of the correctional services

Bilateral initiative facts

Ministry of Justice - Bulgaria(BG)
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Workshop or seminar
Directorate of Norwegian Correctional Service (KDI)(NO)
Ministry of Justice(LT)
Norwegian Rule of Law Mission(NO)
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The current bilateral initiative includes two participations of PO representatives in international conferences and workshops on modernisation of the correctional services.

The PO found it important to attend the events, as their topics and formats were useful for facilitating exchange of experience and strengthening the partnership among NFM beneficiary states.

Summary of the results

High-level representatives of the Programme Operator participated in the following events:

1. First International Criminal Justice Conference. Expanding alternative sanction. European perspectives. October 2018. Organised in Ukraine by the Norwegian Rule of Law Mission. Participants shared information on new standards of the probation service and alternative sanctions in Europe. A focus was put on the methodology of risk assessment OASys, its updates and modules. During the event, the DPP and the POs in the penitentiary area held informal meeting and discussions.

2. Workshop on the further development and preparation of the implementation of new approaches in the beneficiary countries'' correction services. November 2018. Organised in Lithuania by the PO of Justice Programme. The main topic was the exchange of experience in initial and on-going training of employees, as well as identification of cooperation activities between beneficiary states under Justice Programme. An in-depth discussion was conducted on how the POs and the donor state should work and interact. Visits were organized in the Lithuania''s Probation Service, the Vilnius Regional Correction Service, and the Penitentiary Training Center.

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