Synergy Network PA 21 meetings and Conferences

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Ministry of Justice - Bulgaria(BG)
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Workshop or seminar
Ministry of Justice(CZ)
Ministry of Justice(RO)
Norwegian Ministry of Justice and Public Security(NO)
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The Norwegian Ministry of Justice and Public Security initiated building of EEA/Norway Grants SYNERGY Network against Domestic and Gender-based Violence. This is a strategic multilateral network of representatives from the government and the non-governmental sectors. The main aim of the network is to contribute to a sustainable partnership and effective implementation of the NFM programmes in the area of domestic and gender-based violence.

The current bilateral initiative comprises three meetings of the network each of them including a conference.

Summary of the results

Representatives of the PO and PPs took part in following events and meetings of the EEA/Norway Grants SYNERGY Network against Domestic and Gender-based Violence:

1. International conference "A common voice towards a world without GBV-intervention mechanisms and good practice models on gender based violence" was organised in Bucharest, Romania in November 2018. The main purpose of the conference was the sharing the relevant experience of the donor state. There was also presentation of different models in EU and USA for correctional activities in support of victims of domestic and gender based violence with a view to improve the assistance provided.

2. International conference "European experience with the Istanbul Convention" and meetings of the Synergy Network of donor country representatives and Beneficiaries under Programme area 21 of NFM 2014-2021, 6-8 October, Prague.

3. International conference “Towards a Europe free from violence against women and girls – the Istanbul Convention creating a new horizon and a paradigm change for all stakeholders” organised within the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the EU in Bucharest, Romania in June 2019.

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