Synergy Network PA 19 meetings

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Ministry of Justice - Bulgaria(BG)
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Workshop or seminar
Directorate of Norwegian Correctional Service(NO)
Ministry of Justice(CZ)
Ministry of Justice(LT)
Ministry of Justice(LV)
Ministry of Justice(PL)
Ministry of Justice(RO)
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The Directorate of Norwegian Correctional Service (KDI) as a DPP in six beneficiary countries of the NFM 2014-2021 initiated building of synergy network between the POs in the correctional area.

The overall goal of the initiative is to create synergies, facilitate exchange and strengthen the bilateral and multilateral cooperation of the beneficiary countries.

Three thematic working groups were set up in the following areas: training; conferences and seminars; evaluation and indicators.

The current bilateral initiative comprises four meetings in total: the initial joint synergy meeting and one

Summary of the results

The following Synergy Network PA 19 meetings took part in the reported period:

1. Joint synergy meeting/General coordination meeting on building the Synergy Network under Justice Programmes (PA 19). Organised in Bucharest, Romania in January 2019

2. Working group 2 Conferences and Seminars within the Synergy Network under Justice Programmes (PA 19). Organised in Lillestrøm, Norway by the KDI in March 2019. Participants from the NFM beneficiary states had discussions on mandate and other relevant issues of WG2 including its main tasks of developing common ideas on conferences, seminars and others activities, and of developing a common calendar for bilateral activities. Funding opportunities were also explored, as a first draft of application under Bilateral Fund was elaborated.

3. Working group 3 Evaluation within the Synergy Network under Justice Programmes (PA 19). Organised in Cambridge, United Kingdom by the KDI in May 2019. At the kick-off meeting the Working group 3 members, representing the beneficiary states and the DPP, outlined joint action in connection with achievement of Synergy Effect between Justice Programmes` activities. The participants decided to collaborate particularly in drafting methodology on measuring quality of prison life among prisoners and prison staff.

4. Working group 1 Education within the Synergy Network under Justice Programmes (PA 19). Organised in January 2020 in Strasbourg, France, and hosted by the Council of Europe.

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