International Conference and Partners` Meetings under PA 21

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Ministry of Justice - Bulgaria(BG)
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Preparation of partnership project or application
Norwegian Ministry of Justice and Public Security(NO)
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Organised in Norway by the Donor programme partner, the Norwegian Ministry of Justice and Public Security.

The topic of the Conference is the Scandinavian experience in combating the gender-based and domestic violence. A thematic meeting is planned between the pre-defined project promoter, the Bulgarian National Institute of Justice and the Norwegian Civil Affairs Authority. Representatives of the donor state and the NFM beneficiary states intend to commence a networking initiative within PA 21, and to outline the organization and possible joint activities.

Summary of the results

The Bulgarian representatives attended the conference “Preventing violence against Women in the Nordic countries”.

High-level officers from the Bulgarian National Institute of Justice had useful meeting with representatives of the Norwegian Ministry of Justice and Public Security and the Norwegian Civil Affairs Authority.

A PO representative took part in the establishment of the Synergy Network under Programme Area 21 of the NFM 2014-2021.

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