The Blue "Tilgnerka"

Project facts

Project promoter:
Merged School Tilgnerova Bratislava
Project Number:
Target groups
Children ,
Initial project cost:
Final project cost:
From EEA Grants:
€ 32,244
The project is carried out in:


The project will focus on rainwater harvesting, recycling and reuse. It will involve children, parents, local communities and general public. The objective of the project is increasing public environmental awareness about the issue of adaptation to climate change. Through the project's implementation, the volume of rainwater that is reused will be increased as will the knowledge of children about climate change adaptation measures. The curricula focused on management of rainwater and climatic changes will be modified for the school education programme. Educational activities focused on environment will also be organised. Children, students and civil services are expected to benefit from the project implementation. The partner, Slovak skauting, 70. zbor Bratislava, will participate with cooperation, cohabitation, co-education, mutual help and increase of knowledge. The partner, Botanic Institute SAV, will help with introducing, producing and realizing the environmental measures in schools.

Summary of project results

The project was needed for changing our schoolyard to be more environmentally friendly. We achieved long – term goals because the activities are provided by the students of our school. We achieved all the planned activities, such as planting trees, vegetation roof, curricula, rainy pond and improving the environment on the school yard. The results have been presented to public, local and international authorities and students, for example to the representatives of Norway Funds, to the donors from Norway participating in the grants procedures, as well as to our students and public in order to advance ecological competencies of the local community. The main aim of the project Modra Tilgnerka was to increase the ecological knowledge and active participation by improving the local environment of not only our students but also of their parents, mates and local community. In accordance with our main aim, the results were presented in different ways and outcomes, such as presentations of the results for our students, for different classes, for special guests like the Norway Ambassador and donors or the representative of the Slovak Water Management company, as well as medial presentation.

Summary of bilateral results