Let's Return Water to the Nature

Project facts

Project promoter:
Elementary school Rudina
Project Number:
Target groups
Children ,
Initial project cost:
Final project cost:
From EEA Grants:
€ 32,132
The project is carried out in:


The project is focused on the implementation of the knowledge about climate change into environmental education at school and the implementation of water detention measures in the school area. The objective of the project is to raise environmental awareness at the school Rudina. It is expected the project will create a system of environmental education focused on climate change and water detention. The project will create new curricula and teaching materials that will aim at environment and climate change, building water detention measures, and building an "eco-class" in an outer school area. Teachers and pupils will directly benefit from the project. The elementary school Rudina has two partners, International Development Norway AS and Dalvikurskoli in Iceland. Both of the partners will spread the project results and outcomes among their staff and general public during the project implementation. Mutual transfer of knowledge and experience of the implementation is guaranteed.

Summary of project results

The project was divided into two phrases. The first phrase consisted of developing the methodology of rainwater management for teachers, curriculum modification and their subsequent implementation in the educational process. In each class we taught 4 lessons in selected subjects in which the students approached the teacher plan of the project, theme of rainwater management by interpretation and presentations. The outcome was not only the knowledge of students, but also the development of worksheets and art works which were exhibited in the main hall during the final conference. The Vodníček magazine which is focused on the given issue was also created. The second phase - realization of the measures began in May 2015 by Lalima Ltd. Work was carried out gradually (depending on the weather). Results of the project: enrichment of lessons, enrichment pupils knowledge of new information, extention the content of SEP, establishment new partnerships, quality presentation of school in the general public, increase the aesthetic level of the school area, the possibility of practical training in the field of botany, illustrative example of the capture and use of rain water, an increase of the responsibility of students in the area of environment, an interest of the general public about the uniqueness of our rain garden

Summary of bilateral results

The Donor project partners were very helpful during the implementation of the project in the school by exchanging results, knowledge and experiences. The partners helped the school to see the importance of raising awareness on climate change and rainwater management. We highly recommend other promoters to cooperate with donor partners.