City of Bratislava is preparing to the climate change – the pilot application of the measures in the field of the sustainable rainwater management in urban area

Project facts

Project promoter:
Bratislava City
Project Number:
Target groups
Elderly people
Initial project cost:
Final project cost:
From EEA Grants:
€ 2,013,323
The project is carried out in:
Bratislavský kraj


The urban environment differs considerably from surrounding landscape in a number of characteristics (temperature, humidity, air quality, etc.). It is logical to expect that due to climate changes these adverse trends and their impacts will be even more obvious in cities. The brief survey on climate change is documented on the basis of two climate indicators – air temperature and precipitation. The main objective of the project is to enhance the resilience of Bratislava city to the adverse impacts of climate change. Adaptation Action Plan will promote delivery of climate change adaptation through different types of adaptation measures (with special focus on the rainwater management) and cooperation among decision makers, planners, stakeholders, the private sector and local communities. The main target groups are the inhabitants of Bratislava city, especially the vulnerable groups (elderly people and children). The Norwegian partner, COWi, will have the crucial role in the planning phase of the adaptation measures, basing the consultatation on a long standing and relevant experiences in this field.

Summary of project results

“Bratislava is preparing to the climate change – the pilot application of the measures in the field of the sustainable rainwater management in urban area“ Project co-financed by the EEA grant realized in 8/2014 – 4/2017 was aimed at pilot adaptation projects and activities to increase the awareness of the expert and general public in Bratislava about climate change and set good practice examples for implementation of adaptation measures, which revitalise public spaces and make these more resilient to heat and extreme rainfall, create more green spaces and provide shading/cooling, use permeable surfaces and implement measures for use of rainwater, demonstrate good practice examples – pilot projects, raise awareness of climate change issues and support household-level measures for sustainable use of rainwater (subsidy system). Project activities included 8 pilot investment projects and the city climate change adaptation action plan: - revitalisation of squares & tree lines: in the city centre – in the historic centre the Main Square and Františkanske Square, Freedom Square (Námestie slobody) - revitalisation of green areas/brownfields with water retention measures: established pocket park at Svoradova Street in city centre, in Bratislava-Nové Mesto city borough: created new large green park Jama (about 3 ha) in area of the former velodrome, revitalisation of chestnut park in urban forest area, rehabilitation of a Frontiers Man´s Square (Námestie hraničiarov) in Bratislava-Petržalka city borough, - extensive green roofs pilot use: vegetation green roof and wall on former velodrome service building, on the building of home for elderly – Archa - blue infrastructure reconstruction: 2 existing water reservoirs in Bratislava City Forests revitalised - Action Plan to adaptation to climate change in Bratislava prepared. To support the active awareness, Bratislava city from the municipal budget has established a small subsidy scheme for sustainable water management installations for city inhabitants and private companies. Project beneficiary Bratislava the Capital City of the Slovak Republic cooperated in the project realisation with project partners and co-beneficiaries: city boroughs Bratislava-Nové Mesto and Bratislava-Petržalka, Bratislava City Forests, Bratislava Regional Protection Association (NGO), Comenius University, Bratislava Water Company, General Investor of Bratislava, Slovak Association of Nature Protection, State Nature Conservancy and COWI.

Summary of bilateral results

COWI – Norwegian environmental consultancy company was a norwegian partner with a very perspective approach. COWI has more than 80 years of experience in the field of environment. This knowledge was used at the beginning as the source of precious information. Due to some personal changes within the organization, the communication bacame more difficult but still it was possible to disseminate the knowledge and use the experience during the project implementation.