People for Marsh - Biodiversity Conservation at the Ljubljana Marsh

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Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Nature Conservation
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Researchers or scientists,
Non governmental organisation
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From EEA Grants:
€ 438,774
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Ljubljansko barje is known for exceptional biodiversity and is full of marshes, wet grasslands, birds and butterflies. In past few decades the diversity of this land has negatively changed due to unbalanced agricultural practice and, partially, in the incursion of non-native invasive plant species. With the project activities, the poor grassland condition and animal population decline, we will improve wet grassland and marshes management on 220 hectares as well as habitat for 6 target species. We shall acquire data on 3 species, the conservation status of which is unknown, and increase the number of stakeholders, who are willing to consent to the implementation of Natura 2000 programme, to 150. This will be achieved particularly through target communication with land owners and campaigns in the field (i.e. testing of the removal of invasive plant species methods), where experts from the spheres of agriculture and nature conservation are to take part. The project will address land owners, local communities, professional and research organizations, NGOs and schools.

Summary of project results

The project was needed to improve the management of Natura 2000 site Ljubljansko barje (Ljubljana marsh) concerning conservation of target species of butterflies, orchid and target habitat types and agricultural impact on them. Project established firm cooperation between agricultural and nature conservation science and together with measures made by LJUBA and by incorporating them in the yearly plan of work of Ljubljana marsh Nature Park’s as well as forming new projects founded by ERDF (Operational program of Slovene Cohesion policy 2014-2020), the Cooperation measure from Agriculture fund (Rural development programme 2014-2020), the results will be sustained. The overall objective of the project LJUBA was to improve management of Natura 2000 site Ljubljansko barje. We tried to reach that by: collecting data, improving management and upgrading monitoring of habitat of target species/habitat types, establishing cooperation between nature conservation and agricultural profession, diminishing loss of meadows due to increasing arable surfaces and proliferation of golden rod. The objectives of project LJUBA were reached fully in the time available and have strong impact on future management of this Natura 2000 site. By measures made by LJUBA and those promoted by LJUBA the most important outcome is the appropriate management for target species/HT on 394 hectares. Specific nature conservation measures and management with golden rod (together with shrubs they were removed on 29, 5 ha) were formed and incorporated in Plan of work of Natural park Ljubljansko barje. Agricultural and nature conservation cooperation for this area is established and will be maintained also in the future. By data collected with monitoring of target species/habitat types we can more precisely determine specific areas for conservation and appropriate measures for future management. By informing, getting to know and including into project activities local farmers we formed a network in which cooperation is improved and problem solving possible. Promotion of nature conservation measures as the most important tool for improving status of target species/habitat types was done towards farmers of the Ljubljansko barje area, as the most important group of beneficiaries. They took important place in almost all project activities and future management planning.

Summary of bilateral results