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Green Energy Association
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Target groups
Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME)
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From Norway Grants:
€ 189,699
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Energy problems are so acute that it is no longer possible to satisfy the world’s constantly growing needs. This growth of energy demand must be increasingly satisfied by diversified energy sources, including sustainable and renewable resources. Biomass is a renewable energy option that can be practical and safe, can strenghten the economy, and can help ease the urgent strain on our planet’s ecosystem. Currently there is a poor organization of the biomass market. It is necessary to find a viable solution for the biomass sector by assuring a balance between production and use of biomass. Furthermore, there is a need to a cleaner and more efficient technology to use biomass. The project will develop a model of community-scale energy system, based on a heating system fueled with biomass (wood chip), obtained from wood waste and harvested energy crops. The results of the project will be disseminated among local communities to demonstrate that the model can be a sustainable local solution to the energy problems. The donor project partner - Oxford Research AS - will contribute its expertise in developing the Green Energy Innovative Biomass Cluster.

Summary of project results

The Green Energy cluster created a community scale model for biomass utilization for sustainable local economic development and encourage development of local eco-businesses along the biomass value chain. New business ideas were developed along the value chain; information, consultancy and training were provided in the field of the biomass. Through Norwegian expertise, the Green Energy – Innovative Biomass Cluster could gain valuable knowledge in cluster facilitation. The Cluster was able to demonstrate improvements in its processes and has been awarded with the Silver label of the European Cluster Excellence Initiative. A pilot model of community-scale energy system has been developed, which is an integrated solution based on a heating system fueled with locally produced biomass (wood chips).The results of the project are continuously promoted and disseminated among local communities to demonstrate that the model can be a sustainable local solution to current energy problems.

Summary of bilateral results

The Norwegian partner, Oxford Research AS provided a comprehensive training about cluster development based on the successful «10 steps Cluster Dynamics» approach. Trainers have presented many good examples of Norwegian clusters, and Norwegian cluster environment. Participants developed their knowledge and got a wider perspective about cluster excellence. The Project Partner has also facilitated new contact making with OREEC Cluster (Oslo Renewable Energy and Environment Cluster), that represents an added value for the partnership and further C2C (cluster-to-cluster) collaborations between Norway and Romania. New bilateral relations have been established due to the study-tour and follow-up. • Oslo Renewable Energy and Environment Cluster ( possibility to establish C2C (cluster-to-cluster) cooperation • AKERSHUS Energy Park (, • Norwegian Centre for Bioenergy Research/Bioenergy Innovation Centre (CENBIO) (, • HVAM Secondary technical school (, • NORSK ENERGI ( possibility for a new partnership and project generation • POWERHOUSE Kjørbo/ Asplan Viak (