Resourcing the waste by intelligently selected collection system

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Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME)
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€ 1,399,999
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Romania is faced with mounting pressure and increasing collection and recycling targets from EU, and the current infrastructure based on side collection, extensive landfill dumping and which creates responsibility taken over by association. They cannot cope with the situation. In addition to inefficient fund allocation, the existing infrastructure lacks transparency. It is time to introduce an innovative waste collection system, built as a network of integrated collection points, that can deal with multiple streams of packing and electronic waste. The project objectives are: a) to provide a new and improved waste management system to citizens, by redeeming value back to the consumer; b) to enhance the efficiency of processing waste as material; c) to implement successful technologies into Romanian waste management system; d) to create new jobs. Collection point constitutes a unique innovative solution, a synergy between the collection units: packing waste recovery unit, WEEE collection unit, and Compacting unit. The units incorporate top-of-line equipment (such as reverse vending machine, bailing press, e-scale) and software solution.

Summary of project results

The project major objective was investing in a collection system is based on multi-waste collection points which allow for the voluntary collection from population of solid non-hazardous recyclable waste, such as: PET bottles, aluminum cans, glass, PE film, tetra pack, cardboard/paper, polystyrene, electric and electronic waste, lamps, batteries, by incentivizing them through a voucher system to bring the waste to the collection point. Total Waste Management, a part of Green Group, has developed a system for collection of recyclables mainly directly from the citizens but also from other waste generators. The system consists of 2 main solutions (mobile and stationary one) and is known under the name SIGUREC. The project objectives achieved were as follows: • It has provided new and improved waste management system to citizens, by redeeming value back to the consumer; • It brought awareness to citizens related waste responsibilities and management • It has enhanced the efficiency of processing waste as material; • Implemented successful modern technologies into Romanian waste management system; • Created new jobs. The project results are: Purchased assets – 25 packaging waste recovery units, 25 weee collection units, 25 compacting units, located in 26 Multi-waste collection points in Installed in high density area (no) Green jobs created – 101.

Summary of bilateral results

Green Business Norway (GBN) has been a partner of Green Group companies in the project implementation. The main achievements of the bilateral cooperation were: 1. Participation in the public events and in the communication process related to project. GBN is actively involved in promoting the project and the program outside Romania, as well as in developing the CSR campaigns for the project. Green Business Norway representatives were invited to attend the official launch of the project in Romania. On behalf of GBN, Anna Larsson was present at the event and was invited to speak about the project, making a comparative perspective between SIGUREC and other projects from countries such as Norway or Sweden. 2. Shared experience and improved knowledge and understanding related to recycling industry On April 2015, a study tour was organized in Romania for the representatives of Green Business Norway, to inspect Sigurec systems and visit the recycling industrial sites. 3. On June 2015, TWM has performed a study tour to Scandinavia in order to gather information on modern and sustainable waste management system in Norway, including visits in Sweden and Norway. 4. The project has benefit the wide network of partners that GBN has - the expert engaged by GBN delivered an optimization note (plan) on operations for multi-waste collection.