Project facts

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Target groups
Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME)
Initial project cost:
Final project cost:
From Norway Grants:
€ 342,647
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IKON IDEEA is a company facing gaps in competitiveness, trying to meet requirements that traditional partners are requiring. The need is to update the equipment and training in order to reach a medium standard, which the competitors already have. The result will be an increase of the competitiveness through implementation of green technologies and services thus becoming friendlier with the environment. The project will increase company’s efficiency by renewing the actual equipment and technologies with more effective and become more environmental friendly than the traditional equivalents; will increase applicant’s employees’ technical competence; will develop and implement social responsibility values and actions at company level and at community level. Training of the staff in industrial design and production processes including HSE. The donor project partner - RAINPOWER NORWAY AS- will contribute its know-how and many years of experience in training project promoter employees. The project will strengthen the partnership between the two companies, generating more collaborative projects for the future.

Summary of project results

The purpose of the project was to increase the competitiveness through implementation of green technologies and services. IKON IDEEA’s purpose through this project was to develop, manufacture and deliver products and services in a manner that: protects the environment and protects the health and safety of the employees, customers and society at large. Over 64% of the project represent investment in friendly environment equipment which was placed within their new production facility. Another important component consisted in implementing the CSR and publicity activities: the Green Industry Regional Conference, the awareness campaign regarding the recycling of metal waste necessity, project continuous promotion in online media, the Manual of Internal Procedures, inauguration event, closing event. The training activity was performed by the partner – Rainpower Norge. The trainers were experts from the partner, and they performed their activities over the entire period of implementation. Types of the training consisted in: industrial design, methods and procedures of work, know how transfer, fulfilling quality norms in industrial processes, work and employees’ safety and other elements regarding our projects. What was actually achived is - 10 new modern equipment - Increased productivity and efficiency with over 30% - Increased awareness of our company within regional business community with over 100% - Strengthened partnership with Rainpower but also with other foreign companies - Better working conditions for our employees: approximately 40 workers benefited of significant better working conditions - 9 employees trained employees by Rainpower Norge’s experts - 3 jobs created during the project

Summary of bilateral results

Among the main achievements of the bilateral aspect it can be mentioned the following: improved knowledge of employees, transfer of know how in the field of industrial design, methods and procedures of work, know how transfer, fulfilling quality norms in industrial processes, work and employees’ safety. The bilateral funds contributed to the strengthened relations. The project consisted in multiple activities performed both by partner and promoter: the partner was involved in training activity, participated at CSR activities and also more work contracts were signed between IKON IDEEA and Rainpower Norge. The bilateral partnership directly influenced activities’ implementation, CSR events’ visibility, strengthening results and project’s promotion towards interested factors.